National Education Policy(NEP) 2019 – Part 3

  • Creation of Higher Education Institutes(HEI); large multidisciplinary universities for higher education. Three types of HEIs: Type 1 – research universities, Type 2 – teaching universities, and Type 3 – Colleges
  • HEIs will have real and complete autonomy – academic, administrative and financial – to unleash their full potential for excellence
  • Mission Nalanda: at least 100 Type 1 and 500 Type 2 HEIs by 2030
  • Mission Takshashila: at least one high quality HEI in or close to every district of India, with 2 or 3 such HEIs in districts with larger populations, each with residential facilities for students
  • The HEI shall ensure that 50% of students in each of its programme will be awarded fee waivers ranging from 25%-100%
  • Each HEI will be governed by an Independent Board of Governors(BoG): apex body for the institution, with complete autonomy
  • Foregin Institutions invited to set up campus in India. Exchange programmes between Indian and Foreign Universities
  • Admission to all undergraduate programmes of public HEIs will be through a process of assessment through the National Testing Agency (NTA)
  • A system of credit transfer to enable student mobility across streams of study (e.g. arts to science, vocational to science)
  • Professional education will be an integral part of the overall higher education system. Professional education to be separated from professional practice
  • Integrated Agricultural education through new Agricultural Universities
  • Vocational education will be an integral part of school and higher education. Vocational education to be distinguished from skills and skilling

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