Challenges with NEP 2019

Centre and State governments will strive to increase expenditure on the education sector to reach 6% of GDP. This has been the goal for over 50 years now and remains unfulfilled

The report calls for Cooperative Federalism but fails to accord substantial importance to the significant role of State Governments in achieving this ambitious target

Given the diversity of languages and dialects in India, and growing internal migration, it will be exceedingly difficult to implement a mother tongue-based learning

Those who are fluent in English, live in households with 3 X higher income. Neglecting the importance of English might lead to social inequality

The final policy talks about universalisation of school education from 3-18 years, without making it a legal right, thus diluting the essence of RTI

Increasing enrollment via distance and digital learning might turn out to be a damp squid due to inadequate infrastructure in rural India

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